Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30th of June, 2010

Hello everybody~ I'm back! sorry again and again for my late updated.

Today, 30th of June, is the last day of the first half year of 2010. I have done my final sem's Marketing Presentation, I'm extremely satisfied for what I have presented today.

*I feel proud for myself* =)

- My Personal Life -
.It has been 2 and half years time that I studied in Inti International College.
.I have gained knowledge, behavior, perception and a lot through IICP during this 2 years.
.Time past very very fast, this is the end of the semester already.
.So guess, what I will be doing after my diploma?
.Will I continue my degree? or work?

.Daddy was told me to go for work after I completed my diploma last month.
.So, I guess I will just follow his instructions and start my career after September.

- Two is better than one -
TO: My Dear, you gonna leave me after 2 more days. I know that "two is better than one" is a good sentence to describe our love. You know that, I can't live without you.
You taught me a lot of things;
you shared your feelings with me;
you raised me up when I was down;
you take care for me all the time;
you are beside me when I needed you!

Once again, I appreciated what you have done to me. Thank you, Yee Wei. muacks!

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